Building Business Software and Websites / IT Infrastructure
for Today and Tomorrow!


Custom Software Development

Exactly what you want!

Does SQL, JAVA, C#, ASP.Net, JavaScript, C++, iFrame, PYTHON, Ruby/Rails just look like a letter salad to you? If so, we can help you to create what you need for Custom Software. We have resources and knowledge to work in any of the "Acronym Soup" languages listed above. If you have the knowledge, but need some help, we can do that to!
Web Development & Hosting

Get online and go!

We're not GoDaddy or Network Solutions. We are not the cheapest, but we are competitive. We do have a secret weapon….us! Our people let us stand apart – you will get the service you need and not a lot of excuses. We can not only host your website, we also do custom web development. Get exactly what you want, whether you want to do it yourself or you want us to help you develop the perfect site to make you stand out to your customers, both current and new!
Client/Server Desktop Software

Custom Desktop Apps

Each company has a unique way of doing business. This may be what gives you the advantage to succeed. We can design and create software which will fit your company, not take a pre-existing boxed software and force your unique business into a generic box!


We don't want to be the business partner which needs to come running in with the shock paddles, to revive your computer infrastructure. We can do it, but prefer to work with you on a plan to make sure you have only what you need and to ensure you are always up and running. Your business is not computers and networks, ours is. Call us and we will give your electronic structure a “physical” so you don’t run into any unexpected business interruptions .

Our Portfolio

Minnesota Wild

The founder of Macro Systems worked at the Minnesota Wild as the IT Director for 6 years. He brings his experience working within a large company. We take this experience with the Minnesota Wild and many others and applies it to each client. We still service the Minnesota Wild with computer support, software development and web hosting services.

2nd Time Around

The largest consigment reseller on the East Coast has been using the services of Macro Systems for many years. We have been a partner in developing there web software to enable a complete online selling experience!


We completed a project for the USAF which involved developing a special platorm using C# and WinForms.

Additional Clients

  • REALTOR Continuing Education web site
  • PDF Auto fill applications
  • Point of Sale and Inventory Management with web conduit
  • High speed printing application using Delphi and Oracle
  • Developed specialized software to test custom hardware to load and unload 747 cargo planes
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